1919 ~ 1920

Plaque from Stanghow Lane School, New Skelton.
1919 - Stanghow Lane School, New Skelton commemorated old pupils who died in the war on this plaque.

This bears the following nine names which do not appear on any of the other Skelton memorials and men who had moved away by the time of the War.
The village War Memorials seem to have included only those who were living there at the outbreak of War.


["Soldiers Killed in the Great war" shows that he was 3109 Pte Godsmark of our local Battalion. the 1/4th Yorkshire Regiment and that he was killed in action on the same day as his brother 3159 Thomas A Godsmark, also killed in action.

This was the 16th of September 1916 during the Battle of Flers de Courcelettes, a part of the Battle of the Somme.
The family had moved to Lingdale, N Yorks.
The brothers have no known grave and are remembered in France on the Thiepval Memorial.]


Finally closed after 4 years of tending the war wounded.

William Bellinger, age 66, of Lingdale was killed by a fall of stone.

Peace celebrations evoked considerable comment at a meeting of the Skelton and Brotton Urban Council at North Skelton on Friday, which was presided over by Mr D W Dixon, JP.
The Deputy Clerk, Mr John R Battersbee reported the receipt of a memorandum from the Local Government Board explaining that they would be prepared to sanction reasonably expenditure from the rates to assist in defraying the cost of celebrating peace in the Council's area.
"They don't say a penny in the pound" observed the Chairman.

RAOB "Jewel" and its owner, Herbert W Riddiough with his wife, Annie Eliza.
[Photographs were preserved by their daughter Doris "Dolly" Glover and kindly contributed by their Great Great Granddaughter, Julie Riddiough of Brotton.]

Coun W Frankland [New Skelton] declared that he could not see any reasons for having peace celebrations. There was no peace. And if money was spent it should be spent on the public good.

At the same meeting the provision of houses in the Skelton and Brotton area was discussed.
The Chairman explained that the present rateable value of the area would not be maintained.
The present rateable value of the Mines in the District was 104,000 and that of dwelling houses 300,000. He warned the Council against rushing into speculation in houses and mortgaging the finances of the district for future generations to meet.
On the proposal of Coun Saunders, seconded by Coun Hallimond, it was decided that a scheme for the erection of 39 houses at Brotton be approved and plans prepared.
The Chairman suggested the architect should include sketches of ferro concret buildings as well as houses of the ordinary brick type.

War Office.
His Majesty the King has been graciously pleased to award the Royal Red Cross to the undermentioned Ladies in recognition of valuable nursing services under "The British Red Cross Society " or " Order of St. John of Jerusalem in England" rendered in connection with the war:... Miss Barbara Private, Matron, " Wharton Hall," Skelton-in-Cleveland.

Four million men returned to civilian life after the war and work was hard to find.

W'm Bellinger.
29th November. London Gazette.
Notice is hereby given, that the Partnership heretofore subsisting between us, the undersigned, Watson Teasdale Dowson, Amy Leicester Brown, and Eliza Annie Dowson, carrying on business as Drapers, Grocers and General Dealers, at [149-151] High-street, Skelton-in-Cleveland, in the county of York, under the style or firm of "DOWSON BROTHERS," has been dissolved by mutual consent as and from the first day of March, 1919. All debts due to and owing by the said late firm will be received and paid by the said Watson Teasdale Dowson....

Dec 18th - Robert Husband was killed at South Skelton mines.

Skelton Fire Brigade 1920's.
Middle row, right, John R Hewling.
Front row, right, John Hewling.

Robert Warner Wheatley BA.
Rector of Skelton 1920 to 1947.
Rural Dean of Guisborough.

1920 - The new rector at Skelton All Saints Church was Robert Warner Wheatley. BA. Rural Dean of Guisborough.

February - The Provincial Grand Lodge of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes was formed in Skelton.
The RAOB have three tiers of organisation, Grand Lodge, Provincial and Minor Lodge.
The Skelton Lodge called themselves "Old Royal George". The Royal George Inn was at one time called this and the Lodge may well have originated there, but records show that it was run from a Working Mens' Club. The Skelton Lodge existed until at least 1926.
The medal shown here is called a "Jewel" and belonged to founder member, Herbert "Bert" Willie Riddiough, who lived at Hobdale Tce, Skelton.
Herbert was a second degree member or "Primo". The RAOB have 3 other ranks 1st [Brother], 3rd [Knight of Merit] and 4th [Right Honourable].
Herbert had been born in Shipley, Yorks and had come to this area with his wife Annie Eliza about 1899.
They had at least 10 children and later moved to Brotton, N Yorks.
He died in 1950, aged 74, and is buried with Annie in Brotton Cemetery. The Clerk of the local Council reported the receipt of a letter dated the 3rd of February 1920 from Mr Frank Ranson on behalf of the inhabitants of North skelton.

Skelton Celtic Football Team 1920 - 1921.
Back row players - Bob Copeland, Joe Williams, Fred Appleton. Middle - Fred Tilley, Bringloe, Harry Davis of the New Inn. Players are Frank Ward, George Skipper, Ticker Ward. Front players - Bob Fawcett, Gerard Sussans, Joe Robinson, Jimmy Reynolds and Sandy Bright.

[Photograph kindly donated by Alan Ward, son of Frank.

6th February -
This requested permission to erect a Memorial to the men who have fallen in the War.
Mr Wharton had promised a site between the Wesleyan Church and Mr Dowson's shop on condition that the same be passed over to some public body and asking the Council to accept this responsibility.
The Memorial would be of White Sicilian Marble and 11 feet 3 inches in height.
It was proposed by Mr Gott and seconded by Mr Watson that consent be granted and it was carried unanimously.

13 July - Question in the House of Commons regarding compensation for huts used during the War.
Mr Waterson asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the War Office when the Skelton-in-Cleveland Co-operative Society may expect the compensation, as agreed upon, due to them for the use of fields;
is he aware that the Army representative has constantly been written to since the huts were removed, with no result; and, seeing that the War Office has withheld payment for so long, is it expected that interest on the money will be paid in addition ?

Mr Hope -
"I have been asked to answer this question. It is anticipated that the awards of the Defence of the Realm Losses Commission upon the claims will be made in the course of next week, and payment will then be made immediately by the Ministry of Munitions. The answer to the last part of the question is in the negative.

I believe the information on the above photograph came from names written on the back.
But, Shirley Skipper, the daughter of Rhoda Skipper, the tenant of the Wharton Arms in the 1940/50s, states that the footballer in the centre of the middle row on the above photograph is not George Skipper.

Skelton Castle Hockey Team about this time or end of First War.
Back row second from Left, possible Alice Judson [nee Emmerson].
Front row Left her brother, Stephen Emmerson of Hollybush Farm - Front row, second from Right Edie Todd, Stephen's future Wife.

Skelton Beck in 1920.

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